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Get involved



  • Contribute to open issues in the Open Payments repository.
  • Create issues on Github including
    • Suggesting specification changes
    • Reporting bugs
    • Requesting features
    • CTA for adding a new supported payment method to OP (currently only supports Interledger as a payment method.)
  • Contribute to the openapi, open-payments, and http-signature-utils packages.

Community and hackathons

  • Join us at the Interledger Summit and participate in our annual hackathon.
  • Organize your own hackathons, coding sprints, and workships, both online and offline. Here’s a few ideas to inspire you:
    • Create an e-commerce application with a “Pay with Open Payments” flow
    • Build a subscription service built with Open Payments APIs
    • Develop an application that uses pay-as-you-go and takes advantage of the Open Payments grant APIs, which give access for an application to gradually make payments from user accounts, up to a limit
    • Port the Open Payments SDK to another programming language (the current SDK was built with Node.js and TypeScript)


  • Translate and localize the Open Payments Overview page into one of the following languages:
    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
  • Review translated and localized content.


Contribute to the docs by suggesting additions and improvements.

Review our contribution guide for details.