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Before working with our code snippets, we recommend creating a wallet account on Rafiki.Money, a test wallet provider that’s part of the Interledger testnet.

Rafiki.Money lets you create developer keys and wallet accounts, funded with play money, for making Interledger transactions via the Open Payments API.

Create an account on Rafiki.Money

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create an account at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Enter your e-mail address, a password, confirm the password and click the arrowhead.
  4. Go to your inbox and look for an e-mail sent by with the subject “[Rafiki.Money] Verify your account” and click Confirm my email address.
    Confirm email address
  5. Click Login to your account at the email verification screen.
    Log in with new account at
  6. Log in with your credentials.
  7. Enter any First and Last name on the Complete KYC screen and click Get Wallet Account. Note that since this is a test environment, the country, city and address fields will already be filled in.
    Get wallet account at
  8. Click Verify your identity on the pop-up window.
    Identity verification at
  9. Click Verify Account at the Complete KYC screen. Note that since this is a test environment “Passport” will be selected as the verification method and images will be uploaded by default.
    Verify account at
  10. Click Go to your account overview on the pop-up window.
    Account overview dashboard on

You’re now ready to create a Rafiki.Money test wallet and add money to it!

Create a wallet account

The first time you access, you’ll be guided through creating a new wallet account.

  1. If you’ve completed or skipped the onboarding guide, you can create a wallet account by clicking New Account.
    Set up new account at
  2. Enter a name for the account, choose an asset code from the drop-down menu and click Create account.
    Enter name and create account on
  3. Click View Account.
    Click to view account created on
  4. Click Add payment pointer.
    Add a payment pointer for the new account on
  5. Enter a Payment Pointer name and a Public name and then click Create.
    Create payment pointer on
  6. Click Add money.
    Add money to payment pointer on
  7. Fund your wallet by entering an amount, then click Add money.
    Enter amount and add money to the payment pointer on

Congratulations, you now have a funded Rafiki.Money wallet!

Obtain a public-private key pair and key ID

Before you can initialize an authenticated Open Payments client, you must obtain a public-private key pair and a key ID.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select Settings > Developer Keys.
  3. Expand the drop-down menu for your wallet account.
    Expanded account showing payment pointer and Generate public & private key button
  4. Click Generate public & private key. Your key ID and public key appear on the site. A private key file named private.key automatically downloads to your machine. Expanded account showing key ID, option to show public key, and button to revoke public/private keys

You can now use your keys and payment pointer to initialize an authenticated Open Payments client.