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Revoke an access token

Revoking an access token consists of the authorization server invalidating the token for all purposes. If, for example, a user indicates to a client that they no longer want the client to have access to something, the client can request the associated token be revoked.

These code snippets enable the client to call a management endpoint to revoke the specified access token.

Before you begin

We recommend creating a wallet account on Rafiki.Money, a test wallet provider that’s part of the Interledger testnet. Creating an account allows you to test your client against the Open Payments API using an ILP-enabled wallet funded with play money.

Revoke an access token

Additional configuration

Add "type": "module" to package.json

Add the following to tsconfig.json

"compilerOptions": {
"target": "ES2022",
"module": "ES2022"

Get started

Import dependencies

import { createAuthenticatedClient } from "@interledger/open-payments";

Initialize Open Payments client

const client = await createAuthenticatedClient({
  walletAddressUrl: WALLET_ADDRESS,
  privateKey: PRIVATE_KEY_PATH,
  keyId: KEY_ID,

Revoke token

await client.token.revoke({
  url: MANAGE_URL,
  accessToken: ACCESS_TOKEN,

Run tsx path/to/directory/index.ts.

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