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Get a quote

A quote is a commitment from an account servicing entity to deliver a particular amount to a payee when sending a particular amount from a payer. The quote is only valid for a limited time.

An authorized client can get a quote to check the quote’s state (e.g., is the quote valid or expired), as well as other payment details, such as the total amount that should be received by the payee and the total amount that should be sent by the payer.

These code snippets return the state and details of a specific quote, if found.

Before you begin

We recommend creating a wallet account on Rafiki.Money, a test wallet provider that’s part of the Interledger testnet. Creating an account allows you to test your client against the Open Payments API using an ILP-enabled wallet funded with play money.

Get the state of a quote

Additional configuration

Add "type": "module" to package.json

Add the following to tsconfig.json

"compilerOptions": {
"target": "ES2022",
"module": "ES2022"

Get started

Import dependencies

import { createAuthenticatedClient } from "@interledger/open-payments";

Initialize Open Payments client

const client = await createAuthenticatedClient({
  walletAddressUrl: WALLET_ADDRESS,
  privateKey: PRIVATE_KEY_PATH,
  keyId: KEY_ID,

Get quote

const quote = await client.quote.get({
  url: QUOTE_URL,
  accessToken: QUOTE_ACCESS_TOKEN,


console.log("QUOTE:", JSON.stringify(quote, null, 2));

Run tsx path/to/directory/index.ts.

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